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Best escape from boredom

Want to escape from boredom, have some group fun and learn about Ljubljana's history while doing it? Perfect fun for holidays  is Enigmarium, Ljubljana's first and probably the best escape room. Six different, immersive and most entertaining games, awarded with the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence, will rouse your adventurous nature by unraveling puzzles and riddles, [...]

Best escape from boredom2021-04-26T14:30:37+02:00

Celebrating our fourth birthday with five new games!

It's been exactly four years since we opened "Salvation Room" – the first and still the most popular escape room – in Ljubljana. More than 25 different unique projects have followed since then – from escape rooms in 3 European countries, the innovative Escape Igloo®  made from real snow, the gamification of museums and castles, [...]

Celebrating our fourth birthday with five new games!2018-09-18T09:56:14+02:00

New in Ljubljana: the deepest immersion you’ve ever experienced!

New in Ljubljana: the deepest immersion you’ve ever experienced! We know what you'll do this summer... Anyone who adores thrills that stands your hairs on end and who aren't afraid to flood themselves with an intensely immersive gaming experience are in for a treat. A 90-minute adventure, wherein a mission becomes the utmost priority in [...]

New in Ljubljana: the deepest immersion you’ve ever experienced!2018-09-17T18:39:57+02:00

ESCAPE LJUBLJANA – perfect weekend escape

ESCAPE LJUBLJANA® –  Escape Ljubljana – a weekend getaway! Escape from boredom, recharge your batteries, relax your body, and feed your soul with unforgettable experiences in the perfect weekend escape! First real weekend escape:»ESCAPE LJUBLJANA« We proudly present a new package »Escape Ljubljana«; including two nights with breakfast and three unforgettable games. Get to know [...]

ESCAPE LJUBLJANA – perfect weekend escape2018-05-04T16:15:21+02:00

Ten Hints for a Perfect Escape!

We decided to ask Nataša Potočnik and Peter Arčon, co-founders and creators of more than 25 different escape games (the most popular escape rooms in Ljubljana, Maribor, Murska Sobota, Laško and Zagreb as well as innovators in the gamification of medieval castles and museums), to reveal the recipe for a perfect escape! What do the [...]

Ten Hints for a Perfect Escape!2017-12-14T11:36:54+01:00

Enigmarium® presents a new game at Ljubljana Castle!

A brand new adventure named Escape Castle®, designed and implemented by the Enigmarium® team, can be played starting tomorrow, 23 November. This time, something special is waiting for you – a completely fresh, new, innovative adventure game with all the elements of escape room games (only without the classic escape room). In this game you [...]

Enigmarium® presents a new game at Ljubljana Castle!2017-11-22T11:22:49+01:00


Jump on your broom and fly by Escape Room Enigmarium! By now you know that our team is extremely playful and would never miss out on Halloween's especially bewitching and spell-binding festivities … WARNING: don't be scared if you'll be greeted at the door by a skeleton, a vampire or a witch. :) More surprises [...]


Escape room mystery

At Enigmarium escape room, someone is stealing cookies during the night. The security camera recorded this video >> Santa is very happy this year :) He has already ordered presents and escaped from the December shopping fever. Instead of buying something boring, he has decided to give an unforgettable experience – an Enigmarium® [...]

Escape room mystery2023-01-10T11:05:25+01:00
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