As part of the Interreg Italia-Slovenia MerlinCV project, the Municipality of Pivka, in cooperation with Enigmarium® – Extraordinary Experiences has prepared a new playful experience in the field of cultural tourism in Pivka’s Park of Military History.

In this attractive adventure game based on the escape room concept, you’ll meet knight Bernardin Ravenski. With his fun and adventurous tasks, he will lead you through the museum with this exciting game, reveal historical details and challenge you with a series of knightly tests.

This original game by Enigmarium combines elements of an “escape room”, a treasure hunt and “storytelling” using digital maps, AR puzzles and AR facial effects.

In the form of an application, the game takes place on mobile phones and is available in as many as three languages: Slovenian, Italian and English.

Take on the challenge of one of the greatest medieval warriors, show that a brave and noble heart beats in your chest and prove that the future of our land is in safe hands!

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