Did you know that at Enigmarium we are the right address even if you are thinking of applying for one of the tenders?

At Enigmarium, the multi-awarded trendsetter of the gamification of tourism products in the wider region, we offer a set of attractive concepts with which you can apply for tenders that promote digitization, the development of new tourist products or a tender for co-financing the promotion of the tourism offer.

Together with you, we can connect local history, natural and cultural heritage and local attractions through unique e-guides (self-guided tours), gamified adventure tours, with the help of digitization or AR technology with the help of storytelling and gamification (Escape castle®) into a new, unique and exciting tourist product, designed in accordance with the goals and strategy of the city / attraction, with emphasis on increasing visits, awareness of environmental protection, promotion and digitization of natural and cultural heritage, and strengthening of the local community.

Unique products are created under our roof, written on the skin of each of the locations separately. Let’s introduce some of the solutions:


1) Digitized e-guides (self guided tours) – guided routes – mobile applications for exploring the destination

CASE STUDY: circular guided route at Vurberk Castle, where you learn about local myths, legends and natural attractions with the e-guide, Vurko the Dragon

Vurko’s treasure is an interactive e-guide along a circular adventure path, full of fun puzzles, myths and legends, which, in addition to being entertaining, also has an educational role. In addition to an interactive map, puzzles and a narrator, it is also supported by AR technology.

Nova igrificirana doživetja s področja kulturnega turizma v parku vojaške zgodovine v Pivki

2) gamified e-guides (gamified tours); gamified adventure tours (with elements of escape room games)

CASE STUDY: Knight’s challenge in the Military History Park in Pivka

With the help of an attractive guided tour, you will get to know the knight Bernardin Ravenski through fun tasks, who in the role of e-guide will take you around the Military History Park in Pivka, reveal bits of real history and set you a series of knightly challenges. The author’s mobile app combines elements of escape room, treasure hunt and storytelling using digital maps, AR puzzles and AR facial effects.


3) Digitization of cultural heritage – in the new gamified experience Escape Castle®

CASE STUDY: digitization of cultural heritage – “ESCAPE CASTLE®” Castle Prem

In a tense adventure game “ESCAPE CASTLE®”, while solving fun tasks (with the help of a digitized model of the castle), visitors discover real castle history, Brk legends and cultural heritage – the game combines digitized real history, bringing cultural heritage to life, and in addition, there are also escape game-style physics elements, giving the app a whole new dimension!

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In addition to conceptual solutions for new tourist products and the implementation of turnkey projects, we also offer strategic consulting – help in creating a tourism development strategy, marketing, and promotion of the destination, implementation of online store systems, e-ticket systems, and substantive consulting in applications for tenders. Our environmentally friendly programs raise the visibility and competitiveness of the tourist destination, realize the vision of Slovenian tourism and contribute to higher added value. Experiences are what make tourists come and stay a little longer!

For all additional information and new ideas, we are at your disposal at info@enigmarium.si  

More about gamification in tourism here: escape-room.si/igrifikacija-v-turizmu/ 

Video presentation of the game at Prem Castle:


Why is Enigmarium the right title for the gamification of experiences, attractions, museums, castles, conferences, educational processes…?

In 2014, we designed and opened the first escape room in Ljubljana, and today Enigmarium® – extraordinary experiences – with more than thirty original reality games is a trendsetter in innovative gamification of tourist experiences / events / attractions in the Alpe Adria region.

In addition to 17 original escape room games connected with local history in 9 locations around Slovenia and Croatia, the award-winning project Escape Igloo® (winner of the Snovalec 2015 award), the team was the first in the world to develop the innovative “outdoor” urban adventure UNLOCK, which you can play ( and at the same time you get to know the city’s history) in eight European and two American cities, gamified a museum exhibit of the Slovenian Alpine Museum in Mojstrana, which received quite a few prestigious awards (Honorable Valvasor recognition, international award for innovation Živa),

The team was also the first in the world to gamify a medieval castle. In Morosini Grimani Castle in Svetvinčenat near Pula, we designed a completely unique concept that does not interfere with cultural heritage, brings legends to life through the game, and at the same time allows several teams to play at the same time. A year later, through the adventure game “ESCAPE CASTLE®” at the most visited tourist attraction of Ljubljana Castle, we revived the legends, the city’s history and freed the dragon. Each experience is completely unique and blended with the local environment, history and culture, and the author’s concept is so well designed that followers have started to appear on this basis.

Unforgettable moments and first-person interaction bring the brand to life, strengthen engagement and enable connection on an emotional level, and enthusiastic visitors love to talk about their experiences and thus become ambassadors for the city, attractions, and our country.

Call 031 33 44 88 or write to us at info@enigmarium.si


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