Free online “escape game in your room” to make it easier to stay at home

In times when we are in lockdown and confined to our rooms, at Enigmarium we decided to entertain our players in the way we know best. We designed an innovative, original concept of an online escape room game.

Every day – from Monday to Sunday – users have received one chapter of the game via e-mail. By cracking the code, they’ve got the key to the next chapter. In addition to great fun, the participants who managed to get through to the right solution were honored with a small gift at the end of the game.

The game called “OTOK (ISLAND) – escape game in your room” hosted several thousand players from Slovenia and Croatia.

The players send messages of thanks as the game helps them pass the time spent in isolation. We are especially pleased when they tell us that they will gladly return to our games even after the epidemic,” says Nataša Potočnik from Enigmarium. “We are especially proud that more than 91% of the recipients opened the mailing and they shared it more that 5 times each! That proofs that using gamification can be a powerful tool to attract the audience.”  **

She adds that their advantage lies precisely in the fact that “we are constantly developing completely fresh and original concepts – it is no longer just an escape from the room but a brief escape from the real world, and isolation“.

That’s why we decided to go further by developing online games.

Stay tuned for  ZOOM ONLINE ESCAPE ROOM GAME: Lost element! 

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