Want to escape from boredom, have some group fun and learn about Ljubljana’s history while doing it?

Perfect fun for holidays, halloween and all the long winter evenings is Enigmarium, Ljubljana’s first and probably the best escape room. Seven different, immersive and most entertaining rooms, awarded with the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence, will rouse your adventurous nature by unraveling puzzles and riddles, deciphering codes and finding hidden clues to unlock the rooms in an hour.

In the brand new episode of the most popular Slovenian escape game Salvation room: Woderous Machine  the famous inventor and engineer Alojzij P. Čuden has dedicated his life’s work to inventing a machine to prevent earthquakes. Sophisticated seismographical instruments have just reported that an earthquake is about to shake Ljubljana. The only hope is for you and your team to find the way into his apartment and start the Wondrous Machine, before it’s too late.

The other awesome game that the locals are over the roof about is Clasroom of Doom, in which you will travel back in the 1980s and experience an authentic old-school classroom setting just like during the time of socialism, when President Tito “ruled” Yugoslavia. Genuine classic escape room!

 You can play unique Enigmarium escape room games in Maribor, Laško, Murska Sobota and Zagreb too! 

Besides escape room games, you can explore a city in a most playful way with the “Unlock” outdoor game. 

Embark on an adventurous journey through the old town of Ljubljana, Maribor, Laško, Tolmin or Zagreb and explore the city with the outdoor “Escape room” game. Waiting for you are seven entertaining tests, where you will discover the city’s secrets and legends, know the unknown, and above all have fun with your group of friends!

And if you are looking for something thrilling, beyond escape room concept?

Enigmarium proudly presents awesome new game Sensperience®, developed in cooperation with Russian military psychologists to emulate intense situations. The game starts with you sitting down in the chair blindfolded, and then the experience of traveling towards your wildest imagination begins. Your eyes for the next 90 min will be the assigned leader of the
game as you will move around in your imagination only, with the help of voice guidance, commands and questions. You will hear sounds, smell odors, touch objects, communicate with live players and be actively involved in the world around you, even if you see it only in your head. Sensperience is no doubt the deepest gaming experience you can imagine – prepare for adrenaline rush!