The new tourist attraction at Prem Castle revives tourism and cultural heritage in an innovative and playful way.

Today, TIC Ilirska Bistrica and RDA Green Karst hosted a press conference to present a new playful experience at Prem Castle. In the exciting adventure game “ESCAPE CASTLE®”, visitors discover the castle’s actual history, legends of Brkini and the region’s cultural heritage while solving fun tasks. We are proud to have provided the concept and realisation of the new game at Enigmarium.

In these times that have strongly influenced the tourism industry, we are aware that innovative, boutique, individual experiences are crucial for a renewed impetus. The new adventure game with elements of escape room games at Prem Castle is designed to be an entertaining and treasured tourist offer and a great opportunity to playfully learn about cultural heritage in small teams made of families, friends or colleagues.

The project “Escape Castle® Grad Prem” was created within the project Development of the Tourist Offer in the Destination Green Karst and the Digitization of Cultural Heritage under the leadership of RDA Green Karst. Arctur took care of the digitised 3D-model of the castle, Enigmarium® – one of the top providers of gamification of tourist products in the Alpe Adria region – designed the concept, script and implementation of the experience

What is it about?

Did you know that once upon a time, a long time ago, something terrible happened at the castle?

While her husband was away, the lady of the castle gave birth to a son. An evil witch disguised as a spinner turned the child into a cat. When the knight returned home, he asked for help from a krsnik – a special man with special skills and powers to fight evil on Earth.

They went to the witch and the krsnik defeated her. He returned the child to the couple, who regained his human form. The krsnik turned the witch’s soul into a solitary oak tree surrounded by thorns. Years passed, the krsnik died and, with him, the ancient knowledge.

During the last restoration of the castle, the oak was cut down and since then, unusual things have been happening: objects are disappearing, strange signs are appearing and scary sounds can be heard. The locals live in mounting fear that the spirit of the evil witch has returned. Who would dare to chase the evil ghost away?

Fortunately, Duško Krsnik will come to your aid!

The game takes place via an app on a special device designed to ward off ghosts, which players receive at the reception in exchange for a deposit and by signing an agreement to the general terms and conditions.

The game lasts about one hour and takes place in small groups (2–4 players / up to 5 teams at a time), children play accompanied by parents or other adults.

Duration         up to 60 minutes

Languages              Slovenian, English

Starting point        Reception at the Castle Prem

Reservations and more information:

TIC Ilirska Bistrica

Gregorčičeva cesta 2

6250 Ilirska Bistrica

Phone: +386(0)5 99 66 278

Why is Enigmarium® the right address for the gamification of experiences, attractions, museums, castles, conferences, educational processes …?

In 2014, we designed and opened the first escape room in Ljubljana, and today Enigmarium® – extraordinary experiences – with more than thirty original reality games is a trendsetter of innovative gamification of tourist experiences / events / sights in the Alpe Adria region.

In addition to the award-winning Escape Igloo® project (winner of the Snovalec Award 2015), the team was the first in the world to develop the innovative “outdoor” UNLOCK urban adventure which you can play (and learn about local urban history) in eight European and two American cities.

In addition, Enigmarium® designed the gamified an exhibit at the Slovenian Alpine Museum in Mojstrana to create the game Escape to the Bivouac which has received quite a few prestigious awards (Honorary Valvasor Award, Živa International Innovation Award).

The team was also the first in the world to gamify a medieval castle. At Morosini Grimani Castle in Svetvinčenat near Pula, we designed a completely unique concept that does not interfere with the cultural heritage, revives legends through play, and which several teams can play at the same time.

A year later, through the adventure game “ESCAPE CASTLE® Ljubljana Castle”, we revived the city’s legends and history and freed the dragon at the most visited tourist attraction. Each experience is completely unique and fused with the local environment, history and culture, and the author’s concept is so well designed that on this basis, followers began to appear.

Unforgettable moments and first-person interaction revive the brand, strengthen commitment and enable connection on an emotional level. Enthusiastic visitors like to talk about their positive experiences and thus become ambassadors of the city, its attractions and our country.
p.s. We also have an attractive game programme for Zoom conference participants.

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Photo: Simon Avsec