Best fun things to do in Ljubljana! Top 5 thrilling experiences not to miss in Ljubljana!

Bored? Dreading another guided tour? Escape into fun-filled playful experiences, where
you’ll learn about Ljubljana and meet the citizens in the most unique way!


Najboljsi-escape-roomImmerse yourself into one of five unique escape room games in Ljubljana city centre’s most popular Escape Room Enigmarium®. Besides giving your brain and problem-solving skills a workout, you can learn about Ljubljana during medieval time or the time of socialism! An unforgettable adventure and a fun time await you!

PS: Or visit our Enigmarium Maribor with six amazing high tech escape games. Have you already played our games in  Slovenj Gradec, Laško,  Murska Sobota and Zagreb?

72€ / team 2–4 players | +386 31 33 44 88 |

UNLOCK® Ljubljana – gamified city tour seven times sealed ancient wooden book and explore the city while learning about its past through the eyes of its historical citizens. On an adventurous journey through the old town centre, you’ll encounter 7 challenges which you’ll have to solve to unlock the secrets of Ljubljana. Come discover the real city’s history, be surprised and above all – have an incredible time.

Do you know that you can play Unlock by Enigmarium in Laško, Tolmin, Slovenj Gradec, Maribor and Zagreb, too?

72€ / team 2–4 players | +386 31 33 44 88 |

SENSPERIENCE® by Enigmarium®

sensperience escape game immersive best things to do in LjubljanaimmersiveCombines elements of escape games, interactive theatre, Russian military psychology and Slovenian game designers to create the most immersive experience you can imagine. Literally! You’ll play blindfolded while seated, but you’ll hear sounds, smell odours, touch and use objects and interact with live actors. Will you and your team be able save the world from from deadly virus?


100 € / team 2–5 players | Trdinova 8 | +386 31 33 44 88 |

AXE THROWING EUROPE™ #Sekiromet™ think bowling is for pussies? Try AXE THROWING and have fun like a lumberjack! Dust off your plaid flannel shirt and come throw axes in an upbeat atmosphere filled with good music and good times for everyone. Our coaches will teach you to properly and safely throw an axe and then lead you in different games for 90 minutes. You won’t believe the thrill of hitting the bull’s-eye! Book in advance online >>

From 17.50€ / player | Kajuhova 35 | + 386 40 87 87 38 € |

SAVE THE DRAGON at Ljubljana Castle

escape-Ljubljana-escape-castle-best things to do in LJubljana

Are you ready for an original adrenaline adventure with elements of the game “Escape Room”, created from team Escape Room Enigmarium?

There are five fun challenges in which you will learn about the history of the city, have great fun and maybe even save a dragon, the very dragon that is the guardian of the city and that fell into the earth. Renowned researchers from all over the world brought state-of-the-art equipment detected a weak pulse of life deep down in the unfathomable depths. Is it possible that the dragon is at the bottom of the abyss? But who could revive it?

from 13€ / player| team 2 – 4 players  |Info center Ljubljana castle | +386 1 306 42 93 |

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