It’s been exactly four years since we opened “Salvation Room” – the first and still the most popular escape room – in Ljubljana. More than 25 different unique projects have followed since then – from escape rooms in 3 European countries, the innovative Escape Igloo®  made from real snow, the gamification of museums and castles, speeches at universites and conferences, and multiple awards and certificates (photo), to the unique game that combines sensory theatre with an escape game – “Sensperience®” – making it the most immersive escape game you can imagine without actually leaving your seat.


We have prepared some new games to say THANK YOU:


“Salvation Room” at Trdinova 8 has closed its doors. Don’t worry, it’s just for a couple of days – we will be re-opening a new edition “Salvation Room 2: Earthquake” by the end of September!

The second new room on Trdinova is “The No. 1 Detective Agency”. Where else can a detective agency open its doors if not in proximity of the police station and the courthouse?

And there’s more: by the end of the year “Circus Luwigana” will be coming to Enigmarium town! Then we’ll really have cause to celebrate with 7 escape games on the same location! Wow, what a hot teambuilding spot Trdinova is about to become!


By the end of October, a brand new escape room will unlock its doors in Slovenj Gradec. We can hardly wait for you to reveal the secrets from the past and perhaps find Elizabeth’s Treasure.


Now you can discover the picturesque Slovenian town of Tolmin with our new Unlock® Tolmin outdoor game! Besides having incredible fun while playing, you’ll learn something new about this beautiful town.


Literally the coolest escape room on the world, the Escape Igloo® has been relocated to Maribor. You will now find 4 escape rooms on Turnerjeva 17 + Dr. Hannibal on Vetrinjska ulica and of course, the outdoor game Unlock Maribor which unfolds throughout the city. If you’re looking for a unique place for a birthday party or teambuilding event, look no more.


Still fresh and definitely worth mentioning is the Brewer’s Gold escape room in Laško – the only escape game where all your senses will be put to the test. Even your taste buds!  Or you can venture to Enigmarium in Murska Sobota and uncover Diana’s secret.


The Association of Escape Room Activities of Slovenia GIZ ER.SI is co-organizing a Regional “Gamification & Storytelling” conference in Ljubljana on 27 September 2018. Besides interesting talks, a hands-on workshop entitled “Gamification of Services” will be held in the afternoon. Learn more >>

Stay playful!