Julijana Agency and Enigmarium® have joined forces in the Land of Kekec to present the new game “Mission Elixir.”

It’s like a real escape room but without walls! It’s like a real escape game but with the most breathtaking views of mountain peaks. It’s like a real escape room but without electricity – with mysterious tunnels, mountain slides, and even live animals on alpine pastures.

Kekec, Bedanc, Mojca, Brincelj and Aunt Pehta are the characters who appear in the Land of Kekec. With their antics, they attract numerous groups of primary schoolers and preschoolers every year. The new adventure Mission Elixir also invites adult adventurers and foreign tourists who seek an experience where they are the main protagonists.

Feedback from players who have already played the game confirmed that they were thrilled by the beautiful unspoiled nature, the enchanting Land of Kekec, Kekec’s story and the original puzzles and challenges that cannot be found in traditional escape rooms. The setting itself, as offered by the game in the Land of Kekec, is unmatched, and the Enigmarium® team has woven the original and carefully thought-out tasks and puzzles into the story of Kekec and his friends, that has been skilfully curated by Julijana Agency with a great appreciation for Slovenian cultural heritage since 1991.

The fact that there is no electricity in the Land of Kekec presented an additional challenge for the game’s creators. This challenge makes the experience even more unique.

The riveting story of the game revolves around a dark force that has engulfed the last untouched corner of nature, poisoning everything in its path. People are becoming materialistic, greedy and egotistical. Even Bedanc is growing more evil and desires to seize the precious recipe for the Elixir of Enlightenment, the only thing that can save the land. Aunt Pehta has tried to hide it from Bedanc by asking Kekec for help. But he has disappeared! All that remains is his bag with notes and tools for the players, who transform into brave heroes on a mission: to find the ingredients for the Elixir! With Bedanc on their heels, the team must find the recipe’s ingredients within a limited time—or the dark force will cover the entire planet.

You’re probably already curious about what kind of Elixir Aunt Pehta has prepared, aren’t you?