Welcome to ENIGMARIUM, the FIRST and the FAVOURITE escape room in Ljubljana. Get ready for an incredibly fun, original and one of a kind test: to solve a mission and escape from a room in one hour. Will you succeed to unravel puzzles and riddles, decipher codes and find the hidden clues so that you can escape?

That we don’t know. We do know that a wild and unforgettable adventure and a fun time await you in 7 different, immersive and most entertaining games, some of them even nominated for Terpeca list.

And don’t worry about language, you can play in English or Slovene! Since the puzzles are on a symbolic level, no specific language skills are required.

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Because interest in playing at ENIGMARIUM is high, we recommend that you book your session STRAIGHTAWAY. Advance bookings via the form below are mandatory.

You can pay in advance via PayPal or at the location – book at +386 (0)31 33 44 88 >>


NEW: The Lost Submarine: Operation Waterman

Location: Trdinova ul. 4, Ljubljana | Scenographically, the most fantabulous (and advanced) game, also available for large groups!

LANGUAGE: English or Slovene / the game is on the symbolic level

A SPECIAL NEW FEATURE! TWO IDENTICAL SUBMARINES are now available, which means that two teams can compete against one another (on equal terms). Naturally, the rooms are also available for single teams. Just make a note when booking whether you want to book one or both of these identical games.

Do you remember Ljubljana’s legend about the Waterman who kidnapped the beautiful, flirtatious, picky Urška? While at a dance on the banks of the Ljubljanica River, she rejected suitors one by one until she met the Waterman and paid for her coquettish behaviour with her life. Your mission? Oh, nothing much – just save Urška!

Be careful though – there are only 60 minutes of air left in the submarine!

NEW! When the full moon rises: The return of the Werewolf

Location: Trdinova ul. 4, Ljubljana | A hair-raising game for the fearless (and experienced players)

LANGUAGE: English or Slovene / the game is on the symbolic level

When the full moon rises, legendary creatures awaken. Do you dare enter an abandoned villa that stands on the edge of the old cemetery, face the werewolf (living within) and rescue it from a curse?

A piece of cake, you say? Not necessarily! If you stay in the vicinity of a werewolf for too long, you can turn into one yourself! You only have 60 minutes to free the werewolf and save us all from doom!

Feeling brave enough?

Escape Room Games at Trdinova

Circus® – The Mysterious Case of the Missing Elephant

Location: Trdinova ul. 8, Ljubljana | newest room

LANGUAGE: English or Slovene / the game is on the symbolic level

Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to peek behind the red circus curtain? To stick your head in the jaws of a lion? To saw a charming assistant in half? To throw knives, juggle, walk on a tightrope and clown around? In this new gamified experience, an intense escape game brought to you by the team of Enigmarium®, you’ll step straight into the shoes of a circus ringmaster who has just gotten some unbelievable news! Your mission, which also includes elements of live action role-playing (LARP), will take you back in time to the days when the Kludsky Circus came to town and something outrageous happened in the park near Trdinova ulica. By solving the case, you’ll also change the future. But beware: after playing this game, you’ll probably never be the same.

Luigi’s Secret Recipe

Location: Trdinova ul. 8, Ljubljana | our most popular classic ER game

LANGUAGE: English or Slovene / the game is on the symbolic level

Welcome to Maestro Luigi’s famous kitchen. Luigi created a recipe for pasta that made everybody happy. When the thugs found out about the recipe, they set out to steal it. Thus Luigi had it encrypted. Will you be able to decipher the encrypted recipe and make the world happy?

The First Detective Agency

Location: Trdinova ul. 8, Ljubljana | excellent game for families and beginners

LANGUAGE: English or Slovene / the game is on the symbolic level

While they unexpectedly, but also suddenly disappeared, vanished, … in a moment, as it were, all known detectives in the city, the First Detective Agency emerged right next to the court and the main police station at Trdinova 8. Detectives and detective apprentices are urgently needed to find out what’s going on …

Salvation Room 2: Inventor Čuden’s Wondrous Machine

Location: Trdinova ul. 8, Ljubljana | classic! ER game with great game flow

LANGUAGE: English or Slovene / the game is on the symbolic level

In a brand new episode of the most popular Slovenian escape game, new – never seen before – challenges await you. The famous inventor and engineer Alojzij P. Čuden has dedicated his life’s work to inventing a machine to prevent earthquakes. Sophisticated seismographical instruments have just reported that an earthquake is about to shake Ljubljana. The only hope is for you and your team to find the way into his apartment and start the Wondrous Machine, before it’s too late. Save Ljubljana!



Location: Address: Trdinova 4 | 90 minutes – 140 € (2-4 players) +35 € fifth or sixth player

LANGUAGE: English or Slovene

Enigmarium® proudly presents SENSPERIENCE, the most immersive interactive gaming experience you can imagine! 90 minutes of breathtaking adventure awaits you – a mission that will astonish all your senses.
It’s not immersive theatre. It’s not an escape room. It’s an adventure far beyond that – a game without rules, codes and wrong decisions.
You’ll sit in a comfortable chair and you’ll be blindfolded. Your gamemaster will be your guide in the imaginary world. Without leaving your seat, you’ll hear sounds, smell odours, touch and use objects and interact with world around you. You’ll feel strong emotions and an adrenaline rush since the imaginary world will become so realistic in your head.


Teambuilding po meri

Location: Trdinova ul. 4, Ljubljana | from 8 do 42 people

A visit to the Escape Room Enigmarium® is a great team building even for a larger group!
In the most popular and top-rated rooms, a proven thrilling experience awaits you – it’s up to you to solve the mission. Don’t worry, our gamemasters come to the rescue with hints, fun is guaranteed!
We divide you into smaller teams and lock you into different escape rooms. Each room is personally managed by a game supervisor – your gamemaster. We reserve the entire center for your event at the desired date and coordinate the dates so that you start the escapes at the same time, we extend the time of the event, and after the escapes our space is available for socializing. The event can be upgraded with an additional joint puzzle – a personified puzzle equipped, for example, with with your company logo or teambuilding event motto!

Original outdoor urban adventure

Unlock – meet Ljubljana in the entertaining outdoor “escape adventure”

Location: Ljubljana old town centre

LANGUAGE: English or Slovene

Escape to fresh air! Embark on an adventurous journey through the old town with the “Escape room” game elements. Waiting for you are seven entertaining tests, where you will discover the secrets of Ljubljana, get to know the unknown, and above all have fun with your group of friends.

Price list – for live escape games

The price for one escape room game is 72 EUR / per session / for a team of two to four players

An additional player in the game (5 or maximum 6) pays an additional €18 at the location.

You can easily book your escape through our booking system below – just select a game and time slot.

  • Pay for the basic game via PayPal or with a credit card (Stripe), and any additional payment for extra players will be arranged upon arrival.
  • We can also send you a proforma invoice: write to info@escape-room.si, and you can also pay at the location upon arrival

* Sensperience® game: EUR 140 for a team (call or write to us) of two to four players + EUR 35 surcharge for the fifth or sixth person. The game lasts 90 minutes.

Our escape room game is perfect for teambuilding activities or for a truly special birthday celebration. You can even book a session outside our normal operating hours. And a hint for you lovebirds: we recently had a first in the special events category. Hidden behind the last locked door was a pair of golden rings. 😉 – Give us a call at +386 (0) 31 33 44 88!

Special instructions

Please be on time and arrive at the Escape Room Enigmarium® at Trdinova ulica 8 at least 10 minutes before the start of your session. Your friendly Gamemaster will explain the rules and ask you to sign a Non-disclosure Form – surely you can agree that it wouldn’t be cool if someone told you the answers in advance and spoil the fun…


We are following the safety precautions (in line with the Slovene Association of Escape Room Activities GIZ ER.SI and NIJZ National Institute for Public Health) Find out more here >>


Our games can be played in ENGLISH or SLOVENE. However, as most puzzles are on a symbolic level, no specific language skills are required

Operating hours

We are opened every day from 9am until 9pm but advance bookings (or phone call) via Internet are mandatory, since Enigmarium unlocks its doors only at previously scheduled times.

We can adjust the starting times on request – send us an e-mail: info@escape-room.si


Escape Room Enigmarium
Games location: Trdinova ulica 8, Ljubljana (all games are played at this location).

Business Address (HQ): Parmova ulica 51, Ljubljana (NOTE: location of managment only – games are not played at this location).

Telephone: 031 33 44 88
E-mail: info@escape-room.si
Web: http://www.escape-room.si



Original and entertaining teambuilding activities for larger groups

Unlock team building po Ljubljani

Gamified city tours

scape room goriska brda klet brda enigmarium

Escape games immersed with local history

Team building igra

Pub quiz on river boat

Winesperience dogodek, kjer slikate in poizkušate vino

Winesperience art – painting & wine tasting

The Game


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FAQ and Good things to know

Escape Room Enigmarium® located in the centre of Ljubljana on Trdinova ulica 8 (near the courthouse). You can park in the Trdinova Parking Garage located just a few metres away. If you’re coming with the city autobus, we are approximately 100 metres from the busstop Bavarski dvor (Kozolec/Korabar). Both the main bus station and the train station are also in the direct vicinity.
Safety first!
Players are able to leave the game / exit the room at any time (however, if you leave the room without reason, that can end the game).
In most of Enigmarium games, we do not even lock the door – the objective of the game is not escaping the locked door but finding a secret ingredient or something narrative based. Usually, at the point, where you will solve the mission, you’ll find the last key, but the door does not need to be locked. If you are scared of closed spaces, we can even leave the door open.
The Gamemaster, who is following what’s happening on hidden camera (not recorded, of course), can help you with a hint at any time.
In case the door is locked, there is a clearly marked “SOS key” or “SOS button” installed at a visible place next to the door. You will be able to open it at any time. 
Enigmarium is a cofounder of the Slovenian Association of the Escape Room Activities GIZ ER.SI – the first association of its kind in the world. ensuring that escape room games are a safe and fun activity.
Throughout the game, the Gamemaster is following the activity in the command room via video camera (don’t worry, we’re not recording it!). If you get stuck and can’t figure out what to do next, the Gamemaster will give a hint in the form of a picture on the countdown screen. You can also even ask the Gamemaster for a hint using the Walkie-Talkie. Hints are a vital part of our game, since it’s obviously more fun if you solve as many puzzles as you can.

Our games can be played in ENGLISH or SLOVENE. However, as most puzzles are on a symbolic level, no specific language skills are required. The game is meant to be a fun test of logical reasoning, team work and minimal skill, for which a knowledge of elementary school mathematics will suffice. The game is suitable for all people with different abilities and talents.

This is an adventure that is fun for the entire family (or society). The youngest members of the family  can help with opening up the locks and seeking for a hidden objects, for a truly fun gaming experience we recommend it for ages from nine to 99 years – as the skills of the younger generations are just as welcome as the experience and wisdom of the older ones, however the tasks are challenging, the things are fragile, a lot of patience and  precision is needed, so children under 14 have to be accompanied with an adult (for instance: 2 adults / 3  kids).
Absolutely right! So that you can enjoy the game and so that your mobile telephone won’t interrupt the gameplay, we recommend that you lock it in the wardrobe that we have prepared for that purpose. (Of course, you can take the key to the wardrobe with you into the Escape Room.) We also kind ask that the solutions to the puzzles remain a secret. It certainly wouldn’t be cool if someone else told you the solutions in advance and spoilt the fun …
Just yourself – and good company. Everything you will need to solve puzzles you’ll find in the room. If you use reading glasses bring them with you.
We’ll be pleased to assist you with that! Just send us an email message to info@escape-room.si or call us at +386 (0)31 33 44 88. We’ll prepare a preliminary invoice for you, after we receive your payment we’ll send you an elegant certificate with a unique code with which the recipient can make a booking using our online booking system.


City “escape” outdoor adventure: “UNLOCK LJUBLJANA” – from 2 to 150 players

On this adventurous journey through the old town – an “outdoor” game with “escape room” elements – seven fun trials await you, where you’ll discover the secrets of Ljubljana, discover the unknown, be pleasantly surprised and enthusiastically shout “Eureka!”. At the same time, you’ll breathe fresh air in great company and, above all, have great fun! The game is suitable for smaller teams. A second version of the game can be played by up to 150 players.

Gamify the workplace and strengthen team competencies in this “ESCAPE WORK(shop)”

You’ll learn how to achieve your serious business goals in a fun way, why games attract us so much and we “give our best and can’t stop” when playing, and how we develop vital skills through games. In this educational, practical workshop, we’ll show you how to create such an atmosphere in your workplace and introduce you to the key elements, principles, functions and concrete possibilities of using games in business and other real life situations.

Gamified tourist experiences: Slovenian Mountain Museum, Escape Castle Ljubljana Castle, custom solutions

The Enigmarium® team is constantly developing unique solutions for gamification in tourism. In addition to ever-new and innovative escape rooms, where we develop partner models of cooperation under the auspices of our brand in various locations, we also offer “custom-made” solutions for different experiences – from the gamification of teambuilding events, city centres, historic castles and museum exhibitions to conferences, congresses and other “custom-made” solutions.

Do you like to play? Meet Enigmarium®!


Gamification and experiential marketing are increasingly important marketing tools. The Escape Room Enigmarium® team offers custom-made solutions for experiences: from gamifying events, enriching congresses, and making city visits more exciting, to gamifying castles, museum presentations and other à la carte gamified solutions for animating customers and groups.
References: 25 original games, Ljubljana Castle Escape Castle , Escape Castle Svetvinčenat Pula, gamification of museums “Escape to the Bivouac” Slovenian Alpine Museum, Escape Igloo®. Especially interesting for TEAMBUILDING, COMPANIES, CONGRESS ORGANISERS, LOCAL COMMUNITIES and AGENCIES


Have you already discovered ESCAPE ROOM games – the funnest adventure game where YOU are in the lead role?
More than fifteen exciting and uniquely-themed games await you in the most popular Escape Room Enigmarium® centres in Slovenia and Croatia.
Exciting stories, imaginative dramaturgy and various challenges for the whole team ensure an unforgettable experience. 100% fun guaranteed!
We can upgrade your team escapes from the everyday with catering and by personalising the puzzles with your logo!
Ljubljana and Maribor (each with 5 games = up to 30 people at a time), Murska Sobota (1 game), Laško (1 game), Slovenj Gradec and Slovenska Bistrica (1 game) and Zagreb (2 games).
Escape from boredom and transform into a hero. Come, save the world in the most popular escape games in Slovenia and Croatia. Save

UNLOCK® – OUTDOOR ESCAPE – a playful outdoor adventure game in which you get to know the city’s history in a fun way!

Discover the historical secrets of the city centres in thrilling outdoor escape games. With the help of a mysterious book with multiple locks, you solve puzzles and gradually reveal the path to the final solution! Will you be able to reveal the message hidden in the mysterious book?
This new, fresh and unique concept in tourism enables players to get to know the city’s actual history through play! Ideal for groups of 2 to 150 people, for foreign and local tourists, congress activities, teambuilding, school excursions …
Ljubljana, Maribor, Laško, Slovenj Gradec, Slovenska Bistrica, Tolmin, Zagreb and NEW – the first e-cycling game in the world in BLED!

UNLOCK® – “ESCAPE ROOM IN THE BOOK” – at events at your location. Now anywhere, anytime!

Are you organising an event? Would you like to provide entertainment that will connect you even more? When the players open the mysterious book it will reveal the plan of an evil society. The future of the planet will depend on your team.
With the help of an innovative tool that enables the location, language and thematic customisation of the mission, we design unforgettable escapes with you as well – in your company, at a teambuilding location, in a congress hall or outdoors.


“The Lost Element” or “Escape Game in Your Room” is the ideal solution for distance teambuilding, in which players connect even more closely to solve suspenseful challenges, strengthen team competencies and have a lot of fun, even if they are not in the same location.
“The Lost Element” is a game that takes place through the ZOOM application and takes players into an imaginary world, in which they have one hour to discover the secret and make the world more beautiful.
In this imaginative story with diverse challenges, every member of the team finds their strength!


Give your loved ones, friends or business partners gift certificates for an unforgettable adventure! Gift certificates are redeemable in all Enigmarium® escape rooms and UNLOCK® outdoor games throughout Slovenia and are valid for 2–4 people.
Escape from the routine and create unforgettable memories together in playful experiences!
More: info@enigmarium.si

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