Enigmarium proudly presents: an ONLINE escape room game “OTOK (ISLAND) – escape game in your room!”

Since we have to lock down our facility because of the corona virus, we managed to create, design and launch (in the first week of the isloation) completely new concept invented by our team: an ONLINE escape room game “OTOK (ISLAND) – escape game in your room!”

The game is our contribution so that people can #StayAtHome easier, and it is free to our players and fans – every day of a week we send them one chapter, and the next day they have to unlock the next chapter with the code they’ve deciphered.

The game starts every Monday and ends on Sunday, and you can sign up here (the game is in Slovene language): https://escape-room.si/eescape-room-online-spletna-igra/

Every player, that solves the final puzzle get a small reward at the end of the game.

Almost 3500 players have already signed up for the game in Slovenia and Croatia and it has been a huge success – the opening rate of the mailings has been more than 90%.

This only proves that we have to adapt as soon as possible and that gamification is an incredible tool for activating customers, as well as that the advantage of Escape Room Enigmarium® is that we constantly develop completely fresh and original concepts that can be upgraded to a holistic experience for complete escape, whether in a live, offline version or an online version.

Stay at home, stay playful!