We’ve gamified a castle! That’s right, the team at Enigmarium® really doesn’t rest – today we’re delighting you with new challenges!


Are you prepared for an original adrenaline-packed “escape” adventure? Through seven entertaining knightly trials you will learn the history of the castle and have an incredible time while doing so. The castle walls protect a big secret which can only be revealed by those who are the most noble, reliable, respectable, devoted and brave.

Will you solve the legacy of the mystery knight and unravel the secret?

In a fun-filled adventure in the beautiful castle Morosini Grimani in the idyllic setting of Istria’s Svetvinčenat (Croatia), you’ll embark on a unique and original adventure combining the elements of an escape room with a scavenger hunt. To top it off, the story takes play in a genuine castle and includes puzzles brimming with actual legends and historical facts all which guarantee a realistic immersive experience! 

We are proud that the Municipality of Svetvinčenat entrusted our team with this innovative pioneer project of the first gamification of a castle, a project that has not only brought the castle, its walls and the local legends to life but has enhanced the entire municipality’s offering. This completely original (and copyright protected) project marks an innovation in the field of “escape games” – we should mention only the innovation, we did not interfere in any way with the cultural heritage – and it allows for up to 6 teams to play simultaneously in the castle.

Escaping from a (real) castle has never been as fun as this!

Discover Escape Castle Svetvinčenat® and find out if you are fit to be a knight!

The game can be played at Grimani Castle in Svetvinčenat (HR) from 27 July 2016 each day from 10 am to 9 pm. More information available from the reception by telephone: +385 (0) 52 384 318 or by e-mail: info@grimanicastle.com. https://www.grimanicastle.com/

escape castle svetvičenat