Especially for conferences, congresses and teambuildings in uncertain times, when you don’t know whether the event will be broadcast live or whether it will take place ONLINE, we have designed a playful product in which participants can get to know Ljubljana’s greatest attractions remotely or live and have fun in a relaxed competition they forget.

THE DRAGON’S CODE – A gamified fun adventure and a tour of Ljubljana’s biggest sights in one.

Gamified HYBRID PRODUCT for conferences, congresses, meetings, business events, schools and teambuildings, which can be performed either live or online! 

In a one-hour, approximately 1.5 kilometer long adventure in the old city center, participants in small groups, using an application on their mobile phone, can follow the routes of Ljubljana’s dragons and learn about myths and legends, real history in a playful way, and at the same time see the biggest city attractions.

TWO METHODS OF IMPLEMENTATION: LIVE (in the center of Ljubljana) or ONLINE (remotely – from anywhere in the world)

The game is designed in such a way that, after the introductory speech, the players can follow the footsteps of the dragons on foot, in small groups, or – if the conference/event takes place via ZOOM – the players, divided into several small groups, send an avatar on the city streets – guides equipped with cameras that become the eyes of our players to discover puzzles, see sights and solve quests in the city.

zmajeva-sifra-igrifikacija-enigmarium-Through the game, players get to know our beautiful Ljubljana. We are convinced that the game is an excellent “teaser” both for tourists who will stay in the city for a day longer, and for those who will get to know it from a distance. We can confirm that teams want to visit our cities live after the game!  

The teams can compete with each other, but the focus is mainly on the fact that through fun challenges in the style of “escape room” games, the teams actively get to know Ljubljana’s greatest attractions, legends and townspeople. Perhaps they will also meet the Ljubljana dragon? At the end of the game, the players are in for a stunning surprise.

PS: We are sure that even the people of Ljubljana will learn something new in the game!

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You can see what the event looked like for a large number of participants – some of them played Unlock, some of them played Zmajevo Šifro and some of them solved a quiz on Ljubljanica: