For all of you wandering around your hometown this holiday season, the Enigmarium team has joined forces with the Polka Dot Cycling team to come up with something completely new – UNLOCK® BLED – the world’s first outdoor escape adventure bike-based game !

An unforgettable experience awaits you in the first original urban “escape” adventure that you can play on electric bikes. Seven exciting challenges await you on a 120-minute, 10 km long circular bike tour of Bled, where you will unlock secrets, learn about Bled legends (we bet you don’t know all of them!) and real history, save an awkward witch and have a great time while cycling. had fun!

Did you know that Divja baba lived on the Jelovški planoti above Lake Bled? She was known for her magical charms, strange concoctions and magic. She could look into the past and predict the future. She was kind-hearted, but unfortunately not very good at magic. Her spells often failed and everything went wrong. One day she tried to help the farmers and charm the cows so they could fly to pasture by themselves, but she tripped and accidentally charmed herself. She turned to stone.

Who is brave enough to save the clumsy witch?

An unforgettable adventure awaits you on best electric bikes in great company! Gather a team of 2 to 5 friends and reserve an unforgettable adventure in advance! >>


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Escape from the real world into a world of playful experiences – either in our funniest escape rooms or in adventurous outdoor escape room games.

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Unforgettable adventures await you in Ljubljana, Maribor, Laško, Slovenj Gradac, and Tolmin. in Bled and Zagreb, in August the escape room in Murska Sobota opens its doors in a new location and a completely new project in the field of gamification of tourist experiences – the escape room in Slovenska Bistrica fused with real history!

Woohoo! In September, we continue – finally – with the new Cirkus® room in Ljubljana.


The best ideas for team-building in COVID times:


“The Lost Element” or “Escape Game in Your Room” is an ideal solution for remote team building, in which players bond even closer while solving tense challenges, strengthen team competence and have a lot of fun at the same time, even though they are not in the same location.

“The Lost Element” is a game that takes place through the ZOOM application and takes players to a fantasy world, where they have to work together to discover a secret and make the world a better place in one hour. In an imaginary story and in various tests, every member of the team comes to his own account!

Of course, you can also play our UNLOCK game outdoors – in Ljubljana, Maribor, Zagreb, Slovenje Gradac, Laško, Tolmin, Bled and Slovenska Bistrica.

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Research confirms that playing reality games relieves the emotional burdens of everyday life, improves cognitive abilities, strengthens memory and improves concentration. Solving tasks together improves teamwork and encourages creativity in a fun way.

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