When the full moon rises: The return of the Werewolf

SPECIAL INFORMATION! The room has some scary elements, so it is not recommended for children under the age of 14. Call us for more details.


Since our games are located on Trdinova ulica, we sought inspiration from the folk stories found in Tales and Legends of the Gorjanci Hills by Janez Trdina. We’ve revived the tale of the Werewolf, which can only be freed if …

Well, we can’t reveal everything at once! What we can tell you is that inside the room that will have you shrieking from excitement, you’ll find everything you need to free the werewolf and save yourself before you turn into one yourself!

Your Mission

When the full moon rises, legendary creatures awaken. Do you dare enter an abandoned villa that stands on the edge of the old cemetery, face the werewolf (living within) and rescue it from a curse?

A piece of cake, you say? Not necessarily! If you stay in the vicinity of a werewolf for too long, you can turn into one yourself! You only have 60 minutes to free the werewolf and save us all from doom!

Feeling brave enough?


The price is 72 EUR. This includes a visit to one of the rooms for a group of participants (min 2 and max 4 people). You can pay 18 EUR for an additional player on the spot. Book your session using our booking system below:

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Our games can be played in ENGLISH or SLOVENE. However, as most puzzles are on a symbolic level, no specific language skills are required

If your desired time is not available and you can't book another time slot, please call 00386 31 33 44 88. Sometimes we can make magic 🙂

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