Are you looking for an idea for an unforgettable engagement or an extraordinary date?

Read Enigmarium’s Quick Guide to An Escape Room Engagement to find out how you can conjure up something extraordinary, unexpected and completely unforgettable!

In the nine years since we created our first escape room, we have been moved to tears several times a year, when one of the most special moments in life happens in our escape games – an engagement! Here are some tips to make “popping the question” really unexpected and such an event really perfect.

  • The first surprise: a GIFT VOUCHER

Give your partner a gift voucher (link) and start building your story with the first exciting step. Purchasing a gift voucher in advance also means you won’t have to worry about paying for the appointment when you arrive at this important event.

  • Book an escape room

Choose the location, room and time of the game together and book via the website or by phone.
Tip: We still have available dates on Valentine’s Day, but book as soon as possible, as this day tends to fill up quickly.

  • Call us secretly

When you’re alone, give us a call to arrange your visit and discuss a possible upgrade to the event (we suggest having a glass of chilled sparkling wine awaiting you both after the game and that we extend your time in the escape room accordingly – so that there will be enough time for a commemorative photo as well).

  • Right before the event, bring us the ring

We can help you come up with an excuse to slip out and bring us the ring right before the event. Together, we can quickly decide on the place where (at the end of the game) a surprise will await your future fiancé(e). (Don’t worry, we’ll be sure to keep your ring safe – locked in the last puzzle of an escape room!)

  • Play the game together and enjoy every second

Again, just a tip: be sure to show up on time for the appointment (meaning, a bit earlier), just like you would any other time you visit our escape rooms.

Let yourself go into the flow of the game, enjoy it, bond even more during the game. The ring will be just the finishing touch to a truly unforgettable and original engagement – ​​in an escape room!

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