NEW EXPERIENCE! WINESPERIENCE® ART  – fresh, fun and different!

Winesperience® Art is a relaxing and fun way to socialise with friends and a glass of carefully selected Slovenian wine. Under the guidance of skilled academic painters, you’ll paint your own acrylic masterpiece that you’ll proudly take home.

In the innovative WINESPERIENCE® ART workshop, you’ll transform yourself into a painter while having a great time tasting wine and socialising. We can adapt the motive you’ll paint especially to your group! The 2-hour-long, easy-going workshop under the step-by-step guidance of an experienced artist, enriched by local wine tasting with a sommelier and hanging out with friends, co-workers or meeting new faces will pass like a flash.

The 7 best tips for original and fun activities for larger groups!

… bachelor/bachelorette parties, engagements, crazy birthday celebrations, all the way to original teambuilding events, playful gamified city tours for congress participants, fun quizzes on a riverboat … to custom-made gamified experiences!