What fun things to do during the holidays in Slovenia? 30 best ideas – 30 TOP thrilling experiences you shouldn’t miss, as vacations are too short to be bored!

Escape Room Adventure: The Most Popular Escape Room Games and Other Playful Adventures!


Escape Room Center on Trdinova Street.

In the escape room center, you can immerse yourself in one of seven extraordinary, unique experiences which, besides giving your brain and problem-solving skills a workout, provide extensive knowledge of Ljubljana’s myths and legends (in fact, that is Enigmarium’s signature!). In the exciting games located in the additional 350 m2 Escape Room Center on Trdinova Street 4, you must not miss the new thrilling stories. In the game “The Werewolf’s Return,” every hero’s hair stands on end, while in the game “The Lost Submarine: Operation Sea Creature,” you will encounter the most cinematic atmosphere and thrilling trials. In the center on Trdinova Street 8, try your skills in the games: “Maestro Luigi’s Secret Recipe,” “Redemption: The Miracle Machine,” “The First Detective Agency,” and “Circus: The Mystery of the Lost Elephant.


Each month, we also announce several dates for the thrilling dramatic-theatrical game “Sensperience” in Ljubljana. It combines sensory theater with elements of an escape room, and we are confident that it offers the most immersive gaming experience you can imagine. There isn’t an actor who wouldn’t say they were completely captivated after the game, as they forget about their blindfold within minutes. Since we coordinate the dates with the cast of actors, please email us for the available schedule for July:

Teambuilding or birthday party

Larger group? The expanded center at Trdinova 8 and 4 allows for the perfect combination of thrilling escape games and team-building events, bachelor parties, birthday celebrations, corporate gatherings, and entertainment. The escape games can be enhanced with a personalized quiz, catering, or other custom event offerings.


In an exciting and really cool escape room center, popular for birthday celebrations as well, located at Turnerjeva 17 in Maribor, you will find five thrilling challenges. Your breath will be taken away by the biggest escape room, and what’s even more important, according to many, it’s the best game around – “Omega Virus“. Excitement guaranteed! Do you dare to stay overnight in the mysterious “Shining Hostel“? Step into the forbidden “RedLight Casino“? Chill in the literal coolest escape room in the world: “Escape Igloo“? Or travel through time to medieval Maribor and uncover the secrets of “Dr. Hannibal Bottinoni’s Clinic“?


Two unique Enigmarium escape games, full of action and fun, dynamic challenges. And what do they have in common? They creatively connect the game with cultural heritage and tradition, while also engaging all your senses, including taste! In Laško, at the house where the first mug of beer was brewed, awaits the first room themed around brewing, while in Dobrovo, you’ll embark on a vineyard journey through time right in the premises of Klet Brda.


In Slovenska Bistrica and Slovenj Gradec, two top-notch games await you as well. Perhaps the holidays are the perfect time for you to go on a trip and experience something unique? As is customary with Enigmarium, the story, setting, puzzles, and tasks are seamlessly intertwined with the real city history.

In Slovenska Bistrica, we are looking for a team that will save the city from ruin, and the solution lies within the mysterious “Craft Workshop.” TRAVEL TO THE PAST >>

In Slovenj Gradec, the team awaits a encoded path to the secret “Elizabeth’s Treasure,” located in an authentic medieval mint in the heart of Slovenj Gradec. FIND THE TREASURE >>

ZAGREB, Murska Sobota and Duplek

The popular room “Diana’s Secret” in Murska Sobota is moving to a new location this summer, and in mid-July, the “Francesko’s Studio” escape room in Vurberk will reopen its doors.

An excellent idea for a summer vacation trip is our renovated and expanded center (soon with new surprises) in the heart of Zagreb, where the streets Krvavi most and the popular promenade, Tkalčićeva Street, meet. There, two thrilling games await you, connected to two mysterious ladies: “Femme Fatale” and the accused witch, “Barica Cindek.”

Are you more of an outdoor person? Then you should experience UNLOCK® – an exciting urban adventure!

Try the gamified adventure city tour called “Unlock®,” the most fun way to explore a city. With the help of a mysterious book locked with seven padlocks, decipher secret messages and discover the city’s landmarks in a unique way! It’s an incredibly popular activity for groups, families, foreign visitors, and even larger teams of up to 150 players.

Experience the playful and adventurous side of Ljubljana, Maribor, Zagreb, Slovenj Gradec, Laško, Slovenska Bistrica, and Tolmin. And at Lake Bled, you can enjoy a truly unique experience as the game is played with e-bikes!

Relaxing workshop – have you heard of Winesperience® Art?

Would you like to relax in great company with a glass of fine wine? Have you always been tempted to create a true painting masterpiece but thought it was impossible? Maybe someone is celebrating their birthday, and you still don’t have a gift? The answer to all these questions is Winesperience Art – a playful painting workshop where, under the guidance of an academic painter (step by step), in the company of friends and while sipping fine wine, we create our own unique painting masterpiece and discover excellent Slovenian wines. Participants say it’s a new yoga. The best part is that everyone takes home their own artwork, regardless of previous painting experience. Attention, the July session is already this Wednesday, July 5th, 2023, at 7:00 PM at Enigmarium’s premises at Trdinova 4. The event is expected to last three hours.
The number of participants is limited, and prior reservation is necessary.

Would you like to play at home? Book reprint of “Otok” (The Island) is available now.

Do you remember the cult e-book that kept us entertained during the quarantine and was also released in print?

The first print edition is sold out, and here is the second, slightly enhanced edition of the book, where the (unchanged) puzzles are intertwined in a thrilling first-person story about the sailor Šime and his grandfather Jože’s lost treasure.

The book contains seven chapters (as well as hints and solutions) and guarantees up to seven hours of fun – you can play it with your family or friends, going through one chapter each day or completing it in one go.


An enigmatic family came to play our latest game “Operation Underwater Man” at Trdinova 4.

The father and three children, named TANES, ESTAN, and ANEST, solved the puzzles effortlessly.

After escaping, they sent a picture to their mother in the maternity ward, as she had given birth to their fourth child two days ago.

They wrote to her, “Dear mom, I hope that you and _____ escape home soon. We can’t wait to play the next escape room together.”

Your task: figure out the name of the fourth child!

Solution: Enter the solution by 11.07. at 12:00 in the form below and have a chance to win the prize: the second edition of the book “Otok – Escape Room in a Book – Escape Room in Your Room” that you can play with friends or family! The winner will be drawn on the same day and notified by email. Contest rules HERE.