Escape Room Enigmarium proudly presents new exciting experiences at the recently added 350 m2 escape room centre at Trdinova ulica 4: The Return of the Werewolf and The Lost Submarine: Operation Waterman – the most cinematic, thrilling experiences, where you play the main role!

At Enigmarium’s most popular escape games, located and Trdinova 8 and Trdinova 4, you can immerse yourself in one of eight extraordinary, unique experiences which, besides giving your brain and problem-solving skills a workout, provide extensive knowledge of Ljubljana’s myths and legends (in fact, that’s Enigmarium’s signature!).

You also don’t want to miss  Circus, Enigmarium’s game which has made it to the prestigious list of the best escape rooms in the world (Terpeca Awards). Enigmarium is the only Slovenian escape room that has been nominated for the Terpeca Award, and not only that – we have two rooms listed there, Circus in Ljubljana and Casino in Maribor.

We always try to create better and better experiences, so check out the newest ones:

NEW! .. when the full moon rises …  THE RETURN OF THE WEREWOLF!

Location: Trdinova ul. 4, Ljubljana | A hair-raising game for the fearless (and perhaps older than 14 years)

When the full moon rises, legendary creatures awaken. Do you dare enter an abandoned villa that stands on the edge of the old cemetery, face the werewolf (living within) and rescue it from a curse?

A piece of cake, you say? Not necessarily! If you stay in the vicinity of a werewolf for too long, you can turn into one yourself! You only have 60 minutes to free the werewolf and save us all from doom!

Are you brave enough?

NEW! The Lost Submarine: Operation Waterman

Location: Trdinova ul. 4, Ljubljana | Scenographically, the most fantabulous game, also available for large groups!

Do you remember Ljubljana’s legend about the Waterman who kidnapped the beautiful, flirtatious, picky Urška? While at a dance on the banks of the Ljubljanica River, she rejected suitors one by one, until she met the Waterman and paid for her coquettish behaviour with her life.

Your mission? Oh nothing much – just save Urška!

Be careful though – there are only 60 minutes of air left in the submarine!

A SPECIAL NEW FEATURE! TWO IDENTICAL SUBMARINES are now available so that two teams can compete against one another (on equal terms). Just make two bookings at the same time. Naturally, a single team can play only one escape room, as usual. 

The perfect place for gatherings, team-building events and parties!

Do you have a larger group? The expanded centre is perfect for a team-building event, New Year’s or bachelor’s party, or business meeting alongside playing escape games.
You can also choose from a group painting and wine-tasting event called Winesperience Art or the Escape Work(shop), where you and your team playfully learn how to use gamification elements in real life to strengthen team competencies and have more fun!


Team building events? Birthday party?

Drop us a line as soon as possible, December is very busy. or +386 31 33 44 88!