Yesterday evening, November 6, 2023, just before midnight, we were surprised by wonderful news that we, as escape game creators, were extremely delighted about: this year, two more Enigmarium games are nominated for the world’s best escape games on the TERPECA 2023 leaderboard.

The title of TERPECA nominee for 2023 was awarded to both new Enigmarium rooms on Trdinova Street 4!

For us, this means a great confirmation of the way we work, developing increasingly exciting experiences where you literally escape from reality. In the new escape rooms, you can expect a downright cinematic set design, tense dramaturgy, exciting challenges, and a story totally immersed with local history and legends.

The game “Werewolf’s Return” will send shivers down every player’s spine, while in the game “Lost Submarine: Operation Water Man”, you can expect the most cinematic atmosphere and tense challenges. In addition, the lost submarine is our only game made in duplicate – two identical games can be played by two teams at the same time and compete against each other.

What is Terpeca?  

The Top Escape Room Project Enthusiast’s Choice Awards is a list of the best escape rooms in the world chosen by “escape room” enthusiasts from around the world. 

Voting takes place in two phases: in the first phase, the best escape rooms in the world are nominated, proposed by nominators (these are really experienced players who have proven to have played at least 200 games). Each of the nominators can only propose 11 of his favorite games – but beware, he must not be in any way connected with these games, he gives a written statement for each nomination that he is in no way connected with the game. Thus, only those that have most impressed the nominators – or the best, most original, and most immersive games in the world – make it onto the leaderboard! For a game to make it onto the Top11 list of nominated games from a player who has played even 1000 escape rooms means that he was impressed with the originality of the puzzles, the charismatic gamemaster, the tense story, and the entire experience from A to Z – every detail is important, and we at Enigamrium are well aware of this (from the friendly, always accessible reception to the cleanliness of the toilet facilities).

That’s why we are especially happy that both of the newest games are nominated on the list of the best escape games in the world and that “Werewolf’s Return” and “Submarine: Operation Water Man” have joined the game “Circus: The Mysterious Case of the Lost Elephant”, which was nominated last year, and the Maribor “Redlight Casino”, which was nominated three times; in 2020, 2021, and 2022.

Together, Enigmarium has six nominations, which is actually a huge achievement, considering that relatively few nominators visit Slovenia compared to other metropolises.

The winners or the top 100 will be announced by Terpeca on December 16. Unfortunately, Slovenia is not visited by enough nominators to make it all the way to the top. More flight connections from Ljubljana airport would certainly also help our industry …

And speaking of travel – if we don’t have many connections to the world, it’s good to know that we have world-class escape rooms at home.

Come and play – with us, you are in the main role!