Have you played most of Enigmarium’s escape games and escape rooms even while traveling?

Have you played 100 escape games?

If you’ve played at least 100, you can become a Terpeca voter. The voting for the top 100 escape games in the world in 2023 is approaching. Your vote can help your favorite escape rooms make it to the most prestigious ranking in the industry and become finalists for the TERPECA award!

Have you played 200 escape games?

If you’ve played more than 200 escape games, you can become a Terpeca nominator, and even more, one year later, you can become a Terpeca Ambassador for escape room games in Slovenia! (Condition: You must not be affiliated with any escape room in the region).

You can sign up as a voter or nominator here: https://voters.terpeca.com/  (sign up ASAP; we’ll be nominating in October and voting in November)

What is Terpeca?

Terpeca, short for Top Escape Room Project Enthusiast’s Choice Awards, is a project to find and recognize the best escape rooms in the world –  a ranking of the best escape rooms, chosen by enthusiasts from all over the globe. https://terpeca.com/2023/ 

Voting takes place in two phases: in the first phase, the best escape rooms in the world are nominated by nominators (these are experienced players who have played at least 200 games). Each nominator can nominate only their 11 favorite games! This means that only those games that have truly impressed the nominators, the best, most original, and most immersive games, make it to the list. Enigmarium (the only one in Slovenia) proudly managed to be nominated with two games: “Cirkus” in Ljubljana and “Casino” in Maribor. Unfortunately, they did not make it to the final 100 – Slovenia, unfortunately, attracts a smaller percentage of foreign voters compared to other major cities.

The second phase involves voting; those who have played at least a hundred games and have earned the title of Terpeca voter can help nominated games make it to the final list of the top 100 games.

Join the escape room enthusiasts and become a voter or nominator!
Together, we can bring the Slovenian escape rooms on the global map of best escape rooms. 🙂 This is a significant recognition for game creators, as it means more visitors, more tourists, and happier players… and for players: new rooms, even more experiences, even more exciting adventures.

As the only Slovenian representative on the portal, our Nataša Potočnik (the only Terpeca nominator in Slovenia) is happily available to assist with registration or provide further information.

What if you’re a beginner?

re you still a beginner when it comes to playing escape games? That’s perfectly fine; we all started somewhere! Play a few more games, keep a list of the ones you’ve played, and gradually work towards the title of evaluator. You can also help by sharing this post, contributing to the development of this fun industry!

Thank you!

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