Escape rooms are unlocking the doors!

We can escape from the real world into a world of playful experiences – escape rooms and outdoor adventure games – again. Of course, following safety recommendations in a must.


Here LINK you can read how we have tightened the already high safety and hygiene criteria to ensure safety against the coronavirus  – that you can have fun in our rooms without worries.


We are therefore pleased to announce that your escape room Enigmarium has unlocked its doors again. The first heroes are already having fun in Ljubljana and Maribor, at the end of the week we also unlock in Laško (don’t miss, the players of the first five teams receive a surprise), followed by colleagues in Slovenj Gradec and Murska Sobota and hopefully soon in Zagreb . The Unlock Tolmin and Slovenska Bistrica teams are preparing for the outdoor games. Follow our websites!


We hope that you have made the most of this extraordinary time and that we have all learned something new during this time.

In our first week of isolation – to make it easier for all of us to stay at home – we created a tense seven-day online game ISLAND – an escape game in your room, which you accepted with great pleasure.

Almost 3500 players have already signed up for the game in Slovenia and Croatia and it has been a huge success – the opening rate of the mailings has been more than 90%.

We are working on the English translation of the game!

This gave us the wings to design another, completely new and different “escape room test”, which combines elements of escape rooms as well as a fun competition of two teams. Stay tuned!


All of you who had a birthday at that time and couldn’t celebrate it, a hint (we really like to give hints) – celebrating a birthday with a great game is an unforgettable experience!

Research confirms that playing reality games eases the emotional burdens of everyday life, improves cognitive abilities, strengthens memory, and improves concentration. Solving tasks together improves teamwork and encourages creativity in a fun way.

If you are looking for a gift for someone who had a birthday, gift certificates are a great gift.  Speaking of which: of course, we will be happy to extend any gift certificates that have expired during the quarantine period by two months.

Stay healthy – and playful!

If you still have a question, we will be happy to answer it, both in our e-mail and on the phone + 386 31 33 44 88. See you!

P.S. Book your appointment as soon as possible, we can’t wait for you!