You’ve had your weekend in Ljubljana, but you want to see more? Check out all of what Slovenia has to offer.

Slovenia is one of the few countries in the world where you can see so much combined in such a small space. From the mountains to the beach, from the cities to the countryside — The amount of different activities you can do here makes it a wonderful place to spend your holiday.

Even after spending a weekend here, you can extend your stay and still see or do something new and exciting every day. It is a place where everyone can find something to do that excites them. Adventurers can go hiking in our beautiful Julian Alps, white water rafting on the Soča River or exploring the mysterious karst caves. Those who love the outdoors will find the perfect path that will lead them to beautiful places with majestic waterfalls and pristine lakes, either on foot or by bike.

Equally, if your main passion is discovering the history and the cultural heritage of the people living here, you’ll find plenty to keep you curious. The streets of our cities and towns are filled with history. You can spend your day immersing yourself in our culture and history, visiting everything from museums and galleries to castles and churches. Between your visits to famous landmarks, explore Slovenia’s unique culinary culture that can satisfy all you food & wine lovers. And if you’re extra interested in our rich winemaking tradition, go on a wine tour to one of Slovenia’s best wineries.

Whatever your style of travelling is, it is possible in Slovenia. For those travelling on a budget, those who desire their comfort in luxury, and everyone else in between. It is for those who want a guide to lead them through their stress-free holiday, and those who like to navigate and drive themselves.

I know it is tempting only to spend a weekend in a small country like this and then fly back home. Please take your time to explore this beautiful country and do not make the same mistake most people make when coming here. You might only have a few chances to visit us, so don’t let your words at the end of your holiday be the ones of regret: “I wish I had more time”. Slovenia is worth all of the time you spend on it.