Instead of boring things, give a fun experience!

Wondering what to give?

We have a solution! Give the gift of an experience and create shared memories in the company of loved ones!

The gift certificate is valid for a fun adventure – the ENIGMARIUM® escape room or the UNLOCK® outdoor adventure game in Slovenia. We will send the voucher by post in an enigmatic gift sleeve or by email as a pdf – just be sure to order it in time! 🙂

New! Escape passport – a gift for the greatest escapists

An escape room passport or little black book for recording games played helps you to record 100 games played. With this, you can become a TERPECA voter and contribute to the selection of the best “escape room” games in the world (link >> ). You enter your information in a handy booklet, followed by numbered fields for entering hundreds of games (game name, date, place, team, time, hints, notes). At Enigmarium, we will be happy to print a stamp for each of the games played in your booklet!

Stories and events

STORIES FROM THE BEHIND – our Nataša Potočnik about the depths of the game, games and playing in Ana Peskar’s podcast “The Bigger Picture”

WINESPIENCE ART – don’t miss the Christmas motif at the last open event this year – on Sunday 17.12. at 19:00

10 ideas for New Year’s and New Year’s gatherings with friends, parties with colleagues or family celebrations!