Playful October – from World Escape Room Day, World Championships, Best Escape Room Vote – to Halloween!

October is our favorite month! It starts with October 1st – World Escape Games Day and ends with a crazy Halloween, when we spice up your games in Enigmarium’s escape rooms! And in between?

Lots of good news: the gamified activation project for ninth-graders in Ajdovščina has been nominated for a prestigious international award, we visited the IAAPA fair in Vienna (where we made sure that we are on the right track), we got another nominator for the Terpec competition for the best escape room in the world, nominations for the top 100 are now underway, and went to report from the ER CHAMP World Escape Games Championship in Poland.

The Slovenians will definitely participate in the World Championship next year! we invite you to train in the terribly fun and terribly tense Escape Room Enigmarium® games in Ljubljana, Maribor, Laško, Slovenska Bristrica, Goriška Brda, Slovenj Gradec, Vurberk or Zagreb!

Appointments are limited, book your unforgettable experience NOW

NEW! Enigmarium Cube Challenge

For all those larger groups who would like to play together or upgrade the escape from the room – comes Enigmarium’s CUBE CHALLENGE or PUZZLE BOX.

The tense game SEVENTH ELEMENT is perfect for school groups, small teambuildings, expansion of a larger team building (together with the rooms we can provide entertainment for up to 62 people), celebrations and birthdays (for those who are not comfortable with the limit of the number of players in one room). CUBE CHALLENGE is designed so that players can solve several cubes in the same space. Of course, he plays for a tense match – but only with joint efforts can he win!

October Appointments –SENSPERIENCE® The most immersive gaming experience you can have!

  • Sunday, 15.10. – at 8:00 p.m
  • Monday, 16.10. – at 8:00 p.m
  • Monday, 23.10. – lobby 8:00 p.m
  • Tuesday, 24.10. – at 8:00 p.m


What will we paint at future events and what dates are available until the end of the year?

PS: don’t miss out on the cute witches on October 18th – sign up as soon as possible >>


PS: So that a larger group of players can escape together at the same time, we have booked some group dates (rental of the entire center). The number of appointments is very limited.

A simulated activation for ninth graders
RRA ROD AJDOVŠČINA in the fight for the prize

The “Youth in Castra” project has been nominated as a recipient of the 2023 European Entrepreneurship Promotion Award

Report from the world championship in escape room games ER CHAMP 2023 in Poland

How did it go? Who won? Can I apply for next year?

Invitation to the 10th marketing conference DIGITAL LABORATORY

On October 24, in Ljubljana, we will reveal how the use of gamification in digital marketing leads to exceptional results