It’s true, from TODAY on, in the newest escape room in Goriška Brda, you can jump into the time machine – which really works!

The Enigmarium® team already has a lot of experience with time machines. We drove one of our first ones – a huge metal console full of wires, meters, screens, switches, keys and pipes – across the border in a huge van. We were worried about how to explain to the customs officer what we were transporting. The solution offered itself: we’ll just move the time machine a little further in time and hop – we’ll already be in Zagreb! Unfortunately, no one asked us anything and we did not test the idea in practice.

With the new machine, which is operating from today in Klet Brda, we have really succeeded! The machine works! As you travel into the future, it becomes infinitely more fun!

See for yourself in this latest-generation escape room. Count Silverio de Baguer’s Wine Gallery awaits you in the authentic premises of the Klet Brda in Dobrovo, Goriška Brda.

In by far the most technologically advanced escape room, the Enigmarium® team, in close cooperation with the Klet Brda, surpassed itself to prepare an unforgettable, 5D experience that will amaze even our most experienced players. Welcome to the first room related to viticulture which merges with actual history, where all your senses will be put to the test!

Your mission:

The famous Spanish diplomat, Count SILVERIO DE BAGUER, lived in Dobrovo Castle and devoted himself with all his heart and soul to viticulture. This remarkable diplomat, an excellent winemaker and an excellent merchant knew how to live a full life. He travelled the world, spread viticultural knowledge and wine-drinking culture, enjoyed his work, nature, wines and socialising with his family, and lived a long, happy and successful life. That’s why the legend has been circulating among the inhabitants of Brda for many years that SILVERIO DE BAGUER knew the secret key to success, which we still need today.

To find it, we must travel to the past …

Don’t wait! Assemble your team, book an appointment, travel through time and make the future more fun – now!