The team of Enigmarium Escape Room® presents the world’s first ESCAPE IGLOO!

Coming to you this February on the slopes of Kranjska Gora ski resort: a new escape room test – literally the “coolest” game in the world!

The world’s first and only Escape Igloo® returns this February in the form of our exciting escape room adventure game in a real igloo to Kranjska Gora ski resort (! Our first igloo, which thrilled players in February 2015, received the prestigious Snovalec 2015 Award, bestowed by the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology – Tourism and Internationalisation Directorate and the Tourism Division of the SPIRIT Slovenia Public Agency to support the development of innovation in tourism. This year the game – with completely new puzzles and riddles – returns once again to Kranjska Gora!

Why is Escape Igloo Escape Igloo® so popular?
We’re proud that all of the puzzles, riddles and dramaturgy are our very own creation, combining a variety of entirely unique tests that have never been seen anywhere else. We’ve also created the game in such a way that each member of your team kind find something special to contribute. The game functions on a symbolic level, so there’s no need to have any knowledge of a foreign language. Your mission:

A meteorite has hit the Earth and knocked it off its axis. The Earth’s magnetic pole has been shifted to the heart of Kranjska Gora. The consequences are catastrophic. Compass needles have gone crazy and a new ice age is upon us. Only the bravest, smartest and most skilful teams will be able to rescue the Earth once they have found the four key elements and restored balance to the planet. Will you manage to save the world?

That we don’t know, but we can promise that a wild and unforgettable adventure and incredible fun await you!

In September 2014, the team of Escape Room Enigmarium® was the first to present this new and completely original concept for spending free time: today’s most popular Escape room Enigmarium®. In less than one year, with four unique rooms in Ljubljana, we have become one of the most sought after tourist attractions and a trendsetter in the wider region: we’ve also opened two original rooms in Italy, one in Croatia and one in Maribor. The game is excellent for teambuilding, celebrating birthdays and … if you wish to propose to the love of your life, we can even hide an engagement ring in the room!
We’ve proved that we know how to think “outside of the box room” with our innovative igloo. In cooperation with the team of Eskimska vas/Igloo Village and with a fresh approach (and partially financed by the prize Snovalec 2015) we have just constructed our completely new “escape igloo” on the slopes of Kranjsa Gora ski resort fully equipped with our newest, truly “coolest” escape game! The ultimate 5D adventure awaits you, not to mention top fun … something that you will certainly never forget!

Gather your team of two to five players and reserve your session! | T: 041 33 44 50 |

You can find Enigmarium Escape Igloo® on the base of the ski slopes in Kranjska Gora, next to the “Mojca” and “Dolenčev rut” chairlift.  We’ll be locking teams in the igloo from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm but booking in advance is obligatory.

PS: Escape Igloo® is trademarked, but we are open to franchise possibilities.