Great! World Escape Room Games Day and also the World Championship!

World Escape Room Games Day on the first of October (which is today!) will be celebrated this time with a global announcement:

Next weekend, on the 7th of October 2023, in Wrocław, Poland, the World Championship of Escape Room Games, or the World Championship in playing escape room games, ER CHAMP, will take place – from where the Enigmarium team will report firsthand! This will also be an excellent opportunity for Slovenian teams to prepare for victory next year!

What is ER Champ?

ER CHAMP is an international competition in the game “escape room,” where teams from around the world compete. Every year, thousands of participants take part in the competition, and this number continues to grow year by year.

ER Champ 2023

The final event of ER CHAMP 2023 this year will take place on October 7th in Wrocław, Poland, where 10 teams (finalists from Poland, the United States, Japan, and France) will compete live during the full-day event! The event will conclude with the award ceremony and celebrations marking the tenth anniversary of escape room games in Poland. We are pleased that the Enigmarium team has been invited to the event.

The History of the World Championship of Escape Room Games

ER CHAMP (formerly Poland Escape) has been taking place since 2017 when the first competition attracted 1767 participants. The competition began with online elimination games, regional stages, and a grand final in Wrocław. Due to the pandemic, the championship moved online in 2020. Although players couldn’t compete in actual physical escape rooms, the number of international teams increased significantly. In the online edition of ER CHAMP, teams from every continent (except Antarctica) participated. For example, last year, 95 teams from countries such as Japan, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, the United States, Poland, Singapore, Taiwan, Canada, Germany, Slovakia, and Switzerland competed.

The organizers of the event.

“The creator, organizer, and host of the event is the company ‘‘ – a recognized international platform for searching, booking, and reviewing escape rooms, which is especially useful when traveling abroad. For example, in Poland, there are approximately 1000 escape rooms, and ‘’ is the platform where you can check the room’s ranking, whether it can be played in English, and make a reservation (and later leave a review). ‘’ is also a co-creator of the best-selling tabletop escape game series ‘Escape Tales.‘ Previous event partners include X-Men: Dark Phoenix, the city of Wrocław, Traficar, BlueKey, and Board&Dice. This year, the event takes place at the Hidropolis Museum.”

Invitation to the upcoming escape room competition!

The Escape Room Enigmarium team will participate in the final event, report on it, and prepare the ground for as many teams from Slovenia as possible to join the championship next year – and to win again! Did you know that a Slovenian team won the first similar world championship in 2017? Stay tuned and stay playful! *And come practice at Enigmarium!