At Enigmarium Extraordinary Experiences, we are the happiest when creating unique experiences and fun ways to escape from the ordinary.

You can travel to the past or the future at our escape room games (we are skilled time-machine builders), unlock the letters from the past in our outdoor games, and learn about cultural heritage in gamified e-guided tours in our castle and museum escape games (btw: we were the first to develop the concept where multiple groups can play at the same time). This time, however, the Municipality of Dolenjske Toplice presented us with an extra challenge!

To create a new tourist attraction featuring Dolenjske Toplice, famous for its thermal springs, we had to combine intriguing data from research done by the Geological Survey of Slovenia, the Biotechnical Faculty in Ljubljana and the Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Nature Conservation with the area’s exciting tourist destinations and also promote cultural heritage in the most immersive way –  as if you’d be wearing VR glasses, but without VR glasses! Huh?! Challenge accepted!

With our skills in creating unique and immersive tourist experiences, we managed to create something completely different – the 4D experience “Journey to the Source of Life”.

We’re looking for a brave team that dares to enter the geopod, an explorational vehicle, drill with it into the depths of the water springs and explore the mysterious rumours of an unusual creature that allegedly resides deep underground. Is this fascinating creature perhaps also the reason that warm thermal water rises from the springs in Dolenjske Toplice?

The mystery can only be solved by the most resourceful, so you’ll have to pass a special test before you enter the vehicle!

In the new 4D experience, you’ll venture into the centre of the earth, discover geological features, water and animals from around Dolenjske Toplice, learn about the area’s interesting tourist destinations and maybe even meet a mysterious water creature!

You’ll be immersed into an animated projection, enriched with special effects. And there is an added gamification factor: to enter the geopod drilling vehicle, you’ll have to complete a special test! Visitors will learn something new, talk about the experience and return to visit other attractions. Perhaps they’ll even stay a day longer enjoying Slovenia!


InfoTIC Dolenjske Toplice, Sokolski trg 1, 8350 Dolenjske Toplice, 386 7 38 45 188




The investment was created as part of the project “Water – The source of life« and is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.