Jump on your broom and fly by Escape Room Enigmarium!

By now you know that our team is extremely playful and would never miss out on Halloween’s especially bewitching and spell-binding festivities …

WARNING: don’t be scared if you’ll be greeted at the door by a skeleton, a vampire or a witch. 🙂 More surprises ahead!

It’s holiday time in Slovenia. Everyone else has escaped to warmer climates and you are stuck at home. What to do? Your Magical Halloween night can be more colorful if you visit Enigmarium and escape from a locked room!

Come to play in one of five the most popular escape rooms in Ljubljana, or one of four amazing rooms in Maribor, in the latest brewery themed escape room in Laško  or discover  the secret of  the goddess Diana in Murska Sobota!

We’ll be expecting you from morning till late night. Advance booking required: www.escape-room.si  or call +386 31 33 44 88