NEW in the field of cultural tourism! Meet FUNCRUISER® or the first gamified tour with electric scooters!

FUNCRUISER® is a one-of-a-kind fun and thrilling urban experience where you get to know the city in a playful and inclusive way through an easy-to-use app and an electric scooter. With the help of a guide who gives you fun tasks and challenges, you’ll discover the cultural and natural heritage and create unforgettable memories with photographs.

The FUNCRUISER® app is designed as a gamified city guide that gives instructions and guides the player. The application motivates the user with many challenges, educates in a playful way and presents a fresh and inclusive way of visiting the city. Not to mention, it opens a new branch of adventure and cultural tourism.

This original cultural tourism project came to life in July in Sevnica in cooperation with Kultiza Institute and Enigmarium® – Extraordinary Experiences. The Funcruiser® project is implemented as part of the public call “Promotion of creative cultural industries – Centre for Creativity 2020–2021”.

Some highlights from the opening in July 2021:

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