Enigmarium® presents a new game at Ljubljana Castle!

A brand new adventure named Escape Castle®, designed and implemented by the Enigmarium® team, can be played starting tomorrow, 23 November. This time, something special is waiting for you – a completely fresh, new, innovative adventure game with all the elements of escape room games (only without the classic escape room). In this game you [...]


Jump on your broom and fly by Escape Room Enigmarium! By now you know that our team is extremely playful and would never miss out on Halloween's especially bewitching and spell-binding festivities … WARNING: don't be scared if you'll be greeted at the door by a skeleton, a vampire or a witch. :) More surprises [...]


This Friday, 4 August marks International Beer Day – and, of course, that is the best day for us to open the WORLD'S FIRST escape room about BREWING BEER! STIK Laško (the Sport, Tourism, Information and Cultural Centre of Laško) and Enigmarium® have joined forces in a new, original project, and in the very building [...]

Have you already escaped from all of them? … Introducing new games!

This spring has been a really wild and unforgettable time for Team Enigmarium® ... but no, no one locked us up. In addition to the four new games that we are now presenting to you, we gave a talk at the Up The Game escape room conference in the Netherlands, which took place in a [...]

Professor’s Secret has been successfully revealed and is moving to a new location

Catch the last chance to visit one of the first and most magical escape rooms in Ljubljana: Professor’s Secret on Poljanska cesta 11. You have less than a month to discover the magic potion! You can also call us at 031 33 44 88 or write us an e-mail at info@escape-room.si. [...]

December’s hint :)

Festive December is finally here, and so are the questions "what to give" and "where to celebrate" ... Don't panic, we've got some hints for you. :)   Escape from December shopping fever and instead of something boring give an unforgettable experience - a Gift Voucher Enigmarium® will delight anyone and everyone on your list  >> [...]

Gamification of Castles – Escape Castle Svetvinčenat®!

We’ve gamified a castle! That’s right, the team at Enigmarium® really doesn’t rest – today we’re delighting you with new challenges! ESCAPE CASTLE SVETVINČENAT®  or THE FIRST ESCAPE CASTLE!  Are you prepared for an original adrenaline-packed “escape” adventure? Through seven entertaining knightly trials you will learn the history of the castle and have an incredible [...]